We make outstanding websites — with elaborate animation, high-quality content and a creative concept

Key works

We make online stores with a minimalistic design and a focus on content.
We create memorable digital products with a creative concept and modern web development technologies. Site of the day on CSSDA in this category.
We create simple and convenient services that support people's health. From pharma and wellness to clinics and telemedicine.
We research your customers to the marrow of their bones, find the right meanings and focus on them when designing and designing.
Choose a ready-made creative concept by reducing the budget and timing of the project
flexible working methods = more creative solutions

How we work

  • MVP
  • We launch a cool site with minimal functionality, animation, high-quality graphics and a creative concept in 1-2 months with further phased development of the project.
  • Time & Materials
  • We work with pay for the hours spent and weekly reporting. With T&M, it is possible to make changes to the project during the development process.
  • Mobile-in-mind
  • For sites where mobile traffic is a priority, when creating a design concept, we start from the mobile version of the site and achieve performance at the mobile excellence level.
Conducting a workshop, collecting information
Research, analytics and design, prototyping
Testing hypotheses on prototypes (optional)
Design concept development
Inner page design and content creation
Filling, testing and launch

Stages of website creation

  1. The first meeting of the studio and client teams. we get acquainted, synchronize, collect Wishlist and immerse ourselves in the project.
  2. We communicate with the target audience, representatives of the customer, experts. we analyze competitors' websites and best practices. we build user scenarios, develop the structure of pages and elements, determine the style.
  3. We test our hypotheses built on the basis of the conducted research — we test prototypes on representatives of the target audience, refine them taking into account the feedback received, or look for new solutions.
  4. Цe create motion-design of the main page of the site. we show key animations and style in video format. We make it clear how the site will look and interact with the visitor.
  5. We design the rest of the pages, create content for the site (CGI graphics, photo and video content, illustrations and texts).
  6. We make adaptive layout of pages with complex animation and interactivity. We use webglL, barba.js, gsap, vue.js/react.js and others technologies.
  7. We set up a content management system (bitrix / laravel 8 + laravel nova), integrate the site with the necessary services, program functionality, write documentation for the effective development of the project after launch.
  8. We fill the site with ready-made content, test it on all available devices, transfer it from the test server to the production one, fasten the domain, set up metrics.
  9. When needed yesterday. We launch a minimal version with the most important functionality and pages. after the launch of the mvp, we add the rest of the functionality and pages in iterations, bring the site to perfection.

Key clients

  • LeadGenius, USA
    LeadGenius, USA
    software developer
  • SynapsesAI, USA
    SynapsesAI, USA
    cloud management platform
  • Control, USA
    Control, USA
    Producer of innovative cannabis products
  • Alforat, Egypt
    Alforat, Egypt
    elite developer from Egypt
  • Mcdonald's
    The world's largest chain of fast food restaurants
  • LG
    one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronics and home appliances
  • Alfa-Bank, Russia
    Alfa-Bank, Russia
    premium bank №1
  • Technonikol, Russia
    Technonikol, Russia
    leading international manufacturer of building materials
  • Green Ray, Russia
    Green Ray, Russia
    one of the leaders in the canned food market
  • Rusal, Russia
    Rusal, Russia
    One of the world's largest producers of primary aluminum and alumina
  • Dipaul, Russia
    Dipaul, Russia
    leader in the development and implementation of high-tech projects
  • Siberian Generation Company, Russia
    Siberian Generation Company, Russia
    one of the largest energy holdings

Other services