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outstanding websites and apps

list of services

  • corporate identity
  • graphic content (photo, video, 2D, 3D)
  • design and technical support for the websites developed by our company
office 6 office 1 office 2 office 3 office 4 office 5 office 5

key clients

  • LeadGenius, USA
    LeadGenius, USA
    software developer
  • SynapsesAI, USA
    SynapsesAI, USA
    cloud management platform
  • Alforat, Egypt
    Alforat, Egypt
    elite developer from Egypt
  • Croc Digital Insight, Russia
    Croc Digital Insight, Russia
    leader of the information technology market
  • Clinic of Academician Roitberg, Russia
    Clinic of Academician Roitberg, Russia
    the oldest private medical clinic
  • Dipaul, Russia
    Dipaul, Russia
    leader in the development and implementation of high-tech projects
  • Green Ray, Russia
    Green Ray, Russia
    one of the leaders in the market of canned products
  • Alfa-Bank, Russia
    Alfa-Bank, Russia
    premium bank number 1
  • Siberian Generating Company, Russia
    Siberian Generating Company, Russia
    one of the largest energy holdings
  • Legenda Intelligent Development, Russia
    Legenda Intelligent Development, Russia
    professionals in the field of housing
  • Krastsvetmet, Russia
    Krastsvetmet, Russia
    one of the world's largest producers of eight precious metals
  • Rusal, Russia
    Rusal, Russia
    one of the world's largest aluminum producers

Our team


  • Maria Evlanova
    Maria Evlanova
    project manager
  • Maria Andreenko
    Maria Andreenko
    project manager
  • Elena Tretyakova
    Elena Tretyakova
    support manager
  • Aleksey Trepachev
    Aleksey Trepachev
    pr manager
  • Ekaterina Proskurina
    Ekaterina Proskurina
    client manager
  • Tatyana Kyshtymova
    Tatyana Kyshtymova
  • Maksim Kyshtymov
    Maksim Kyshtymov

design dep.

  • Eugenia Zhalnina
    Eugenia Zhalnina
    ui/ux, illustration
  • Ekaterina Kalinova
    Ekaterina Kalinova
    ui/ux, illustration
  • Rostislav Popov
    Rostislav Popov
  • Einar Hamidullin
    Einar Hamidullin
    ui/ux, motion
  • Anastasiya Dianova
    Anastasiya Dianova
  • Alexandr Pedchenko
    Alexandr Pedchenko
    art director

development dep.

  • Vladislav Korobov
    Vladislav Korobov
    backend developer
  • Nadezhda Bykova
    Nadezhda Bykova
    frontend developer
  • Mikhail Demianov
    Mikhail Demianov
    backend developer
  • Roman Baranov
    Roman Baranov
    frontend developer
  • Sergey Shut
    Sergey Shut
    backend developer
  • Pavel Mazhuga
    Pavel Mazhuga
    frontend developer
  • Ivan Reshetilo
    Ivan Reshetilo